So I was at work this morning, working on a research memo for the boss, and all of a sudden, I was starving.

I didn’t want to heat up and eat my lunch at 1030 a.m., and I hadn’t had much breakfast. I thought maybe I would get up and stretch a bit, open a Diet Coke (because my blood-Diet Coke level was low, of course!) and see if getting something to drink would help.

It didn’t. The next thing I knew, I was ready to gnaw off my own arm. Food was rapidly becoming necessary.

I finally gave in and snagged some change out of my drawer and headed to the junk machine. I bought some chips and headed back to my desk.

When I got back to my desk, I took a couple of bites of chips and started typing. I didn’t look up for a while, but the memo got done and put on his desk, and I moved on to another research project fairly quickly. Before I knew it, the lunch hour was gone, and I had about thirteen minutes before my next hearing.

I’ve got a bit of a complex about being early for hearings. If I’m not fifteen minutes early for a hearing, I feel like I’m running late. I changed my shoes (’cause I keep my heels under my desk and I take them off for slip-on Skecher’s Mary Jane style shoes when I’m not in court) and ran for the courtroom (up one whole flight of stairs; it’s really not that far). I had one hearing today, which didn’t take long, and went back to the office to immerse myself in the current projects on my desk.

I left early tonight to visit a scene that is the subject of an upcoming trial, so I spent a couple of hours tromping around in the woods to see the scene, and then came home to mow the yard, do some weeding, play with the cat, spend some time on the phone with family and friends and sit down to write. The rest of the evening has pretty much evaporated.

So now, it’s 1010 p.m., and I just realized that I haven’t had anything to eat since that partial bag of chips at 1030 am. And I could eat, but I’m not starving. I probably won’t eat much tonight because it’s so late, but it amazes me that I was so hungry this morning, and right now I could probably go to bed with nothing and be just fine with that.

Anyone else ever do this?