Interviews and Appearances


5/25/2012     New Release Musa Publishing Blog HERE

5/30/2012      Welcome to the Darkness Red Tash Writer Wednesday post

6/6/2012        #WriterWednesday HERE with Jenna Bennett/Jennie Bentley

6/11/2012       Musa Publishing Blog Interview HERE

3/24/2014       Guest Blog Conference Etiquette (Sarah Hans) HERE

6/11/2014        Finding Time to Write (Buddhapuss Ink)  HERE

9/5/2014         Spotlight on HERE

3/22/2015       Book Tube Net Magazine HERE

4/24/2015       The Speculative Fiction Cantina HERE

7/23/2015       Authors Interviews HERE

Upcoming Appearances


July 16                   Art Affair on the Square (Urbana, Ohio) Details here.

July 28-30            Wizard World Columbus (Columbus, Ohio) Details here.

August 6-7            Art on the Beach (Oldfield Beach, Indian Lake, Ohio)

September 3-4     Labor Day Steam Festival (West Liberty, Ohio) Details here.

October 2               Oktoberfest (Urbana, Ohio) Details here

October 28-30      World Fantasy (Columbus, Ohio) Details here



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