And the Countdown is ON!!

I’ve been quiet on the blog because I’ve been dealing with other details related to work, rehabbing and resting the stupid ankle injury, working on the house (cuz I don’t have ENOUGH going on, right?), and all the other craziness that comes along with being me…along with last minute details for the book, last minute details for the Book Launch Party I’m having at the Champaign County Public Library, and everything else.

If you’ll be at the launch party…I’ve got some COOL stuff to give away, but you gotta show up to win. (Only people who show up can sign up for the drawing…but if someone has to leave a bit early, they don’t have to be present at the time of the drawing.)

Here’s the swag list…we’ll be drawing names for winners at the library on Saturday.

1)      A free ebook version of THE GRIMM LEGACY

2)      A free sneak peek at Chapter 1 of the sequel, currently titled THE ANDERSEN ANCESTRY. Yup, this is my current project. This is a sneak peak at a chapter that could still see changes as the rest of the book is written…that only my writers group has seen so far!

Just because Bert is the coolest frog out there…

3)      A frog candle, as seen below…

(If you don’t win and want to pick up one of these things yourself, I don’t blame you…if you’re local to the area, my dad carries them in his shop in Bellefontaine, Ohio…King’s Country Corner)…otherwise,go to Swan Creek Candle to take a look!)

4)      A frog garden stake, as seen below…

5)      A $5 gift certificate for coffee at a local coffee shop…cuz readers and writers need their caffeine!

Also, there will be cake.

And bookmarks.

And a reading…and I’ll answer questions as best I can if anyone’s got any!


The Easiest Mood Cure in the World

So I was cranky when I got home from work last night.

It wasn’t that I’d had a bad day. Far from it. It had been a strange day, with oddball cases in court, but for the most part, the day had run on schedule.

But it was hot. And I don’t just mean shorts and a t-shirt hot. I mean humid and hot, as if I was breathing soup instead of air. I grumbled into the house about having to go out later and water all my flowerbeds and gardens, checked on the goldfish in the pond, and went inside to deal with Velcro-kitty.

The cat was GLUED to me. For some reason, beyond my understanding at the time, she was absolutely wigging out. And she wanted to sit rightthere, attached like Velcro to my hip, as I tried to check my email.

We’ve been in need of rain for quite some time. It’s so hot that plants are getting scorched in the sun.

I decided that I was going to sit down, pay the fuzzy minion some attention, have an adult beverage, and relax, to shake off the cranky-pants mood I was in.

And then it began to pour down rain outside, sheeting against the front windows, thunder booming and echoing outside. No wonder the cat was freaking out. She’s terrified of loud storms, and had known it was coming. It rained and poured and there was lightening and thunder.

And then I realized I’d forgotten to get the mail. Luckily, the mailbox is on my front porch, which has a roof over it, so I could step outside and get the mail and take a minute or so to watch the storm without getting wet.

And then I saw it. It was a package I’d been waiting for. It was my author copies of the anthology coming out this Friday. It was the first time I’d seen my own fiction in print, the first time I’d seen my name as a byline under a title of one of my own stories, the very first paid publication credit I’ve gotten.

I started grinning. It hasn’t stopped yet, twenty hours later.

(Yup, that’s my hand. I couldn’t figure out another way of taking the picture without terrible glare from the overhead ceiling fan.)

There is nothing on this earth that jollies one out of a bad mood faster than seeing your own name in print for the first time.

And I’m still smiling.

(FYI, it is available for pre-order on Amazon now, and the release date is THIS FRIDAY!!)

Teaser-Demon Busters, Inc.

Imps make a crunchy sound when I step on them. They’re messy. They’re smelly. They ooze green goo all over my boots. While that’s an easy way to get rid of them, there’s a better way, and it’s a whole lot easier on my footwear budget.

Holy water grenades. Those balloons made especially for summer parties? I’d been filling them at Mass out of the baptismal font whenever I could manage it; whenever the priest wasn’t looking.

Of course, sometimes there’s splash damage on items that have been touched by hell-beings, but who wants that in their living room, anyway?

I know what you’re thinking. Why in the world would I know this? It’s part of the job, which, in this economy, isn’t something I want to risk. Besides, there aren’t many jobs available for people like me: young, broke, no college education, especially since I lost my last job for burning hamburgers at McDonalds. Add in the fact that it’s way cooler to say, “Hi, my name is Leslie Johnson and I’m your Demon Buster today,” than, “Do you want fries with that?”


The Grimm Legacy…Teaser Chapter One

Chapter One

The blond newscaster was way too perky for me to handle this early in the morning. If I didn’t get coffee soon, I’d find out firsthand if perkiness prior to percolation qualified for justifiable homicide.

“This just in; Dayton police have this morning discovered a dead wolf in McGregor Park this morning. The wolf’s stomach appears to have been cut open and seven heavy paving stones were placed inside, likely prior to death. Dayton police are teaming up with the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center to investigate. Both agencies are asking viewers with information to please call 1-800-CRIMESTOPPERS to share information about the wolf, its owners, or possible suspects in the case. In other news…”

The coffeepot finally finished brewing. Thank God. It must have been the lack of caffeine; the newscaster couldn’t actually be talking about something that strange.