Updatery and Sundry Details

Ok. Deep Breath. And another one.

So….I haven’t posted in a while because life has basically reached up and grabbed me by the nose and basically shook me around quite a lot. Many of you may have kept up with me on social media, but writing took rather a backseat to a lot of other details while living in Pandemic World.

Yes, I’m still here.

Yes, I’m still writing.

I had both Moderna shots and a Moderna booster, and got COVID myself in February. The last two years have been a giant trainwreck. Every court in Ohio set up their own policies for how to handle COVID safety and distancing, and they all changed their policies at least twice. Every attorney in this area has been under a massive amount of stress and anxiety trying to make sure each policy and each case is dealt with. The amount of cases have jumped, and the number of attorneys are not growing. It’s insane out there. In the midst of that, the Boy is now done with his sophomore year of college and the Girl is about to finish kindergarten.

That said, I have gotten some writing done, and here’s my updatery.

  1. RING OF FIRE (second book in the Hochenwalt Files series, sequel to SHADES OF GRAY); The end of the book is in sight. I’m in the final third of the book and bringing all the different threads together towards the end.
  2. “Nimbledigit and the Belief Meter” (short story, will appear in ON WINGS OF STEAM anthology from Winter Wolf Publications. I do not have a release date for this yet, will share when I have it.
  3. “Butterflies Through the Gray” (short story, will appear in ROGUE ARTISTS anthology from Origins Game Fair/Atthis Arts). This will release at the Origins Game Fair June 8-12, 2022.
  4. “Soccer Mom Saves the World” (short story, will appear in NEVER TOO OLD TO SAVE THE WORLD anthology from Outland Entertainment). I do not have a release date for this yet, will share when I have it.
  5. DEMON DEADLY SINS (First book in GIRL VERSUS DEMON series) still in progress.

I will also be appearing at Origins Game Fair all days June 8-12, 2022.

I will also be appearing at the Marysville MiniCon on August 27, 2022.

No other events are scheduled at this time.