Zoom Readings and Short Stories and Kickstarters, OH MY!

Tonight I took part in my very first zoom reading out of my very first editing attempt….the anthology NEVER TOO OLD TO SAVE THE WORLD!

I am so incredibly proud of this.

The stories were wonderful as they came in.

We made suggestions. The authors? They ran with our suggestions even more than we hoped….such that the stories are cooler than we even thought when they first came in! There’s not a bad story in this anthology!

Guys, seriously, go check this out.

My “Soccer Mom Saves the World” story is related to four other short stories I’ve sold, that all appear in DEMONS, HEROES, AND ROBOTS, OH MY! my collection of short stories available now on Amazon.

AND….one of my current novel WIP (works in progress) is ALSO related to the same stories….current working title is GIRL VERSUS DEMON; DEMON DEADLY SINS!