“My Life as a Prosecutor” Guest Blog The Graveyard Shift August 2009

“Poltergeist on Aisle Fourteen” MYSTERY TIMES TEN 2011; Amazon / Barnes & Noble / NOW AVAILABLE AS A SHORT STANDALONE! HERE

THE GRIMM LEGACY Available May 2012. Amazon / Barnes & Noble

“Building Believable Legal Systems in Science Fiction and Fantasy” EIGHTH DAY GENESIS: A WORLDBUILDING CODEX FOR WRITERS AND CREATIVES. Available in ebook, May 2012. Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Alliteration Ink / iTunes / Kobo

THE ANDERSEN ANCESTRY Available July 2013. Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

“Sunny Acres Home for the Specialized Care of the Elderly”, 2013 Origins Game Fair Convention Anthology HEROES!, reprinted by Silence in the Library Publishing March 2015. Amazon / Silence in the Library

“Welcome to New York” First appeared in Triumph Over Tragedy, a charity anthology to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims, available January 2013. This story was reprinted in the 2014 Origins Game Fair Convention Anthology MONSTERS! More news to come.

THE WONDERLAND WOES Available May 2014. Amazon / Barnes & Noble

“Ad Space” in SPACE! Origins 2015 conference anthology June 2015

“The Bully Boys and Baba Oni” in THE HAPLESS CENLORYAN, Loconeal Publishing Amazon, Barnes and Noble August 2015

THE BUNYAN BARTER  Available September 2015 Amazon / Barnes & Noble /

“The Hero’s Assistant” A SHORT STANDALONE. HERE 

SHADES OF GRAY; THE HOCHENWALT FILES Available October 2015 Amazon / Barnes & Noble  / iBooks / Fuzzy Girl Enterprises

“The Stupidest Robot” in ROBOTS! Origins 2016 conference anthology June 2016

THE PERRAULT VOW Available September 2016 Amazon / Barnes & Noble /


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