And….I’m back.

The last three years have absolutely done a number on most of us.

I’m no exception. I have come to the conclusion that we simply do not have the spoons we all had three years ago. I know I don’t.

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The pandemic has caused plenty of insanity in the day job, the writing, and the family life.

Since the start of the pandemic, the following changes have occurred…

  1. The Boy has graduated from high school, and is in his junior year in college. He is on his college soccer team, and is very much enjoying college life.
  2. The Girl has started school, and is now in the first grade. She’s playing soccer, tee ball, and we will be signing up for gymnastics and swim lessons soon.
  3. Hubby and I will hit our ten year anniversary in May of this year. We’re still married, doing well, and have made it through with our sanity mostly intact. Notice, I said mostly. 😉
  4. The Fuzzy Minion (Elizabeth the amazing whiny cat) went over the Rainbow Bridge in the fall of 2020. She was 17 years old, and was no longer enjoying life, given her health and age, so it was time. Our vet was very compassionate with the end.
  5. I have not had a new novel released, but have gotten a number of short stories published in the last three years. In 2019, I published a collection of my short stories, entitled DEMONS, HEROES, AND ROBOTS, OH MY!. Buy links are on my Bibliography page on this website.

The Day Job has been insane. Nothing like starting a new business just a year and a half before the pandemic hit! Still, the business has grown and prospered….to the point of needing to cut back a bit. That success has been wonderful, but also stress inducing, and it has definitely impacted my writing time. I’m still working on balancing this.

So….what updates are out there?

  1. I’m making progress on RING OF FIRE. Really. I’m hoping to finish it soon.
  2. I got my first editor credit! Check out NEVER TOO OLD TO SAVE THE WORLD. (Buy links on my Bibliography page!) The reviews have been wonderful, including a Publishers Weekly review (!!!!!!!) and a Library Journal review(!!!!!). The entire process was so much fun, and I love the whole collection!
  3. Two short stories I’m finishing up now. One still untitled, and one entitled “Time for Krampusnacht”, a fairy steampunk Santa vs. Krampus story!
  4. Once RING OF FIRE and the short stories are off my plate, back to GIRL VERSUS DEMON; DEMON DEADLY SINS!
  5. I’ve updated this website with all the short stories and publications that I’ve had come out over the last few years, and have updated the FAQ section.

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