The Grimm Legacy Series

  1. The Grimm Legacy

Being the descendent of the Grimm Brothers doesn’t make life a fairy tale . . . it’s a curse.

Once upon a time Janie Grimm thought she led a normal life, but within the first week of law school she’s started losing her mind. Her father just died, her stepmother Evangeline is evil, her professors already hate her, and a frog named Bert keeps talking to her. Then, there’s her growing attraction to the accident-prone Aiden, who tries to explain magic murdered her father and it was trying to kill her, too.

Janie learns her father’s death was due to a fairy trying to restore the magic bound by Janie’s ancestors, the Brothers Grimm. Now the target of this fairy’s bid to regain power, Janie has only the protection of the mysterious Holder of the Legacy, the members of the F.A.B.L.E.S. organization, and the promises Evangeline made to Janie’s father before his death . . . but will it be enough?

2. The Andersen Ancestry

Hans Christian Andersen might be a cool name on a family tree, but the meaning of that relationship might be more dangerous than it seems . . .

Janie Grimm and her best friend Mia Andersen survived their first year of law school, and are now heading into summer internships at the local courthouse. Between their work for the judge and their part-time jobs at the theater, Janie and Mia have a mystery to solve. The Seawitch has escaped from faerie court lockdown and is out for revenge on relatives of Hans Christian Andersen.

Along with the help of Aiden, members of F.A.B.L.E.S., a street girl named Allie, Bert the frog, and a theater employee named Jonah,the girls must find the target of the Seawitch’s ire, deal with the reappearance of an absentee father, deflect an unwanted crush, nourish a new romance, work for a very eccentric judge, and find out why there is magic in the courthouse. Janie and Mia must first figure out the answer to the puzzle and then protect the person in the most danger . . . but who is the Seawitch’s intended prey?

3. The Wonderland Woes

How wonderful can Wonderland be if there’s more danger than a visitor can see?

Allie’s got a secret that she hasn’t shared with hers friends, Janie Grimm and Mia Andersen. Someone from her past is after her, and she’s got to keep them safe. When she realizes her childhood in Wonderland is putting her friends at risk, she jumps through a rabbit hole to lead the danger away from them, but it lands her back in the same situation she’d tried to escape just a few years before.

Janie, Mia, Bert, Aiden, and all the rest are getting more experienced with magical dangers, and they can’t let their friend sacrifice herself if they can help. They organize a trip to Wonderland to look for Allie, and meet the White Rabbit, the Queen, the Jabberwocky, the Caterpillar, the Mad Hatter and others along the way. They find deadly nightslip mushrooms, magic gone awry, a magical realm trial for stolen tarts, and further relationship drama. But, will they save their friend before it is too late?

4. The Bunyan Barter

How hard can it be to save the apple heir and rescue a kidnapped Big Blue Ox, just a week before finals?

Janie Grimm and all her friends have beaten a faerie court queen, survived an attack by the Seawitch, and outwitted the White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts, and have gained a reputation for fighting back against magical realm injustice. Their reputation has earned them a paying client; Paul Bunyan, who wants to hire them to retrieve Babe, his kidnapped Big Blue Ox. The ransom note asks for them to turn over the “apple heir” in order to get the ox back unharmed.

While Janie and Mia are happy for a paying client, they are just a week away from final exams, dealing with the fallout of a relationship that isn’t working out so well, a relationship that’s working out better than expected, a friend with a lifelong secret that could endanger them all, an attack by angry jackelopes, and an unexpected tragedy that threatens to prevent them from completing their task by the deadline; Thanksgiving Day.

5. The Perrault Vow

Taking one’s vows is a life-changing event . . . but some vows are more dangerous than others . . .

The Big Day is on the horizon, a special wedding day for a very special couple, but Janie and her friends have a to-do list a mile long before the ceremony, not the least of which is sitting for the bar exam. Of course a magical emergency comes up at the most stressful week in their lives, with a pair of glass slippers appearing in the stacks of wedding gifts piling up at their house. Who could have left them and what could they mean for Janie, Aiden, Mia, Jonah, Bert, and Allie, as they try to determine the name of the gift giver, their magical danger, and the rightful owner of those delicate shoes?

But bigger problems are on the horizon. Evangeline has secured a pass to attend the wedding, a witch is targeting Bert, and a woman is searching for her stepsister, jealous of her magical talents. Who is in danger? Who is the mastermind bringing all of these bad guys together? Buttercream or fondant? Satin or Tulle? Contracts or Torts? Evidence or Civil Procedure? All of this converges on Janie’s house, along with a cat named Bob, searching for a lost set of boots, during the week that Mia and Janie’s careers hang in the balance. Can they solve the mystery, keep everyone safe, pass the bar exam, and pull off a wedding without a magical catastrophe?