Updates and Stuff


The past month or so has been off the charts awesome, both on the personal front as well as on the writing front.

There is exciting family news, exciting personal news, and exciting writing news; some of which is ready for sharing, some of which will be shared down the road, and some of which, while way awesome, isn’t really the stuff I write about here on the blog.

The best way to put it…is that the personal stuff doesn’t get posted here until I’m comfortable with it…and it’s not about personal comfort all the time…sometimes it’s just about being careful about what one posts on the internet. You know, personal security, privacy of others, etc. Suffice it to say that life is pretty darn good at the moment. More will come later, I’m sure.

The family news, well, isn’t my news. I’m kinda waiting for others to out the news on the interwebs (and I’ll take a Facebook post from them, you know who you are…) before I post it, or anything about it. I’m sure you’ll understand when you see what it is. It’s way exciting!

And on the writing front…

We are looking at MAY 25, 2012 as a release date for THE GRIMM LEGACY. It will be released as an ebook on that date, barring complications, delays, or other issues. At this point, I don’t see any on the horizon, but that’s still five months away and a lot could happen between now and then. Lots of people are asking me about print…at this point, I don’t have a good answer. I’ll post when and if I get one.

I’m working on a proposal/synopsis for another book, writing a first draft of a third, and have several short stories in various stages of completion. I’m also planning some research day trips with friends/relatives/guinea pigs to get some hands on information for stuff I’m writing…some of them are odd and cool and awesome…others are just weird. Stay tuned for more info. I’m hoping to post pictures as I go see what I need to see!


Cool Holiday Fun

Musa Publishing (awesome awesome publisher who is publishing my novel next year) has some cool stuff coming up!

Twelve Days of Christmas Free Reads between November 29 and December 9

ALSO, coming from Musa will be publication of the complete works of Homer Eon Flint, pulp and speculative fiction writer.

Keep your eyes peeled…more cool news to come!