And the Countdown is ON!!

I’ve been quiet on the blog because I’ve been dealing with other details related to work, rehabbing and resting the stupid ankle injury, working on the house (cuz I don’t have ENOUGH going on, right?), and all the other craziness that comes along with being me…along with last minute details for the book, last minute details for the Book Launch Party I’m having at the Champaign County Public Library, and everything else.

If you’ll be at the launch party…I’ve got some COOL stuff to give away, but you gotta show up to win. (Only people who show up can sign up for the drawing…but if someone has to leave a bit early, they don’t have to be present at the time of the drawing.)

Here’s the swag list…we’ll be drawing names for winners at the library on Saturday.

1)      A free ebook version of THE GRIMM LEGACY

2)      A free sneak peek at Chapter 1 of the sequel, currently titled THE ANDERSEN ANCESTRY. Yup, this is my current project. This is a sneak peak at a chapter that could still see changes as the rest of the book is written…that only my writers group has seen so far!

Just because Bert is the coolest frog out there…

3)      A frog candle, as seen below…

(If you don’t win and want to pick up one of these things yourself, I don’t blame you…if you’re local to the area, my dad carries them in his shop in Bellefontaine, Ohio…King’s Country Corner)…otherwise,go to Swan Creek Candle to take a look!)

4)      A frog garden stake, as seen below…

5)      A $5 gift certificate for coffee at a local coffee shop…cuz readers and writers need their caffeine!

Also, there will be cake.

And bookmarks.

And a reading…and I’ll answer questions as best I can if anyone’s got any!


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