I feel like I haven’t blogged much lately, or written much, or slept much.

Which makes me feel like a slacker, even though I know I’m really not one.

It’s fall, and the weather’s kinda rainy and yucky, and I know that I’m having a hard time getting motivated to get much done. It’s pretty sad when your reaction to “it’s raining” is “Good, now I have an excuse not to mow the lawn.” Even sadder when you have a yard as small as mine. (I can have the whole thing done in 30-40 minutes with a push mower. Yeah, it’s not like it’s some Herculean task that takes hours and involves much physical exertion. If you guessed that it’s almost completely flat, with no trees, and I have a self-propelled mower, I really look like a wimp, don’t I?)

Anywho…the local writing and critiqueing group is meeting Saturday morning and I still have no idea what I’ll take them to look at, or if I can make it. I’ve been rather de-motivated lately, what with work explosions, work travel, and the family obligations. Somehow I thought I’d have more time to myself if I moved closer, because I wouldn’t be in the car so much, but it has devolved into getting called more. Having any kind of social life puts a crimp on things as well.

But NaNoWriMo is fast approaching, and that means time to clear everything else off the decks so I can start getting some real butt in chair time. It’s about re-connecting with the need to set aside that time for myself as a writer, as opposed to feeling guilty about not getting it done.

Good luck to all NaNoers out there.

Meanwhile, I’ve got friends coming up tonight to stay for the weekend, a couple of briefs due, and nephew’s birthday party to finish planning for.

Have a great weekend!


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