And We’re Off!

I’m at a write-in at the moment, and have gotten 3400+ words towards my goal, putting me over 10K for the first draft of THE GRIMM LEGACY. The Kick Off event for the Dayton Area NaNoWriMo group is off to a strong start….several people out there are hitting it hard, typing like fiends, eating a lot of junk food (and normal food…we did try to make sure that everyone would have something somewhat nutritious to get us through the day), and giving away lots of door prizes and raffle prizes. We’ve made T-shirts for our own local group and taking donations from our participants to help with the costs of running the local events. Any and all profits above our costs will be donated to the official organization on behalf of the Dayton group! Woohoo! Words and raising money for a noble organization WAHOO!!

Anywho, life’s ramping up in a hurry around here. As usual, November means that the normal life crazy becomes life insanity. I’ve been stockpiling take out coupons, because I think we’re going to need them down the road. Everyone out there noveling remember this…a load of laundry will buzz about every 45 min to an hour…that’s prime writing time with a built in break! And clean socks to get you through the month!

And good thing to get us off and rolling in a hurry…I’ve got lots of cases going to trial this month in juvenile court, grand jury coming, and the holidays looming, as well as flowerbeds needing some work before winter, some winterizing being done to the house that needs done, and some other things on my plate as well.I’ve got a guest blog I’m still writing (will post where to find it when it’s ready) and working on both my NaNo project and a short story.

If you’re writing NaNo….keep your Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard. If you’re not writing NaNo…say a prayer, light a candle and wish us luck. We may need it!


2 thoughts on “And We’re Off!

  1. I wish I had been there at the kick-off party. Alas, I was in the car traveling back from W. Va. Oh well–I still managed to get my word count in though not as much as I’d like.

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