My Goals

I hate saying that I’m going to make New Year’s Resolutions.

So, instead, I’ll tell you what my goals are.

1) I want to have at least one, if not two, finished novels at the end of this year. I’m at least 1/3 of the way through THE GRIMM LEGACY’s rough draft. I’ve written most of the first draft of FULL CIRCLE. The hope is to have one, if not both, ready for submission or workshop by the end of the year.

2) I’d like to finish at least two more short stories. Preferably the two I’ve already started.

3) I’ve said for years that I need to get a post office box to use for my mail/submissions/other stuff. I hate using my street address for stuff, but it’s also a pain to go to the post office every single day. I need to make a decision on this and actually do it.

4) I need to update my blog more.

5) Figure out what contests/conferences/whatever else I’ll be doing in the coming year. And then book it.

What are your writing goals? If you’re not writing, what goals are you setting to reach your dreams?


One thought on “My Goals

  1. Finish the current book I’m working on; start querying by the end of the year. Perhaps try writing a short story or two for possible submission to magazines, contests, etc.

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