More Awesomesauce Please!

Okay, so I really came out of the geek closet yesterday. I’m going to dial back to just book geekery today.

I will state here (for all you out there trolling for FCC violations) that I receive no monetary compensation for anything I write on my blog about other books, authors, etc. If I do get so much as a free book (hint hint) I’ll tell you.

I’m going to continue posting about book releases that come to my attention. For the most part, those posts will talk about authors I know personally, authors I’ve met at conferences,  and authors whose work I like.

Here’s one whose work I like, am obsessed with, recommend.

Lauren Willig’s Pink Carnation series is just plain laugh out loud adventurous fun. How can you go wrong with female versions of the Scarlet Pimpernel, espionage, romance, adventure, and just plain swashbuckling goodness? Her latest book in the Pink series, THE BETRAYAL OF THE BLOOD LILY hit shelves yesterday, and I’m already wondering how I can justify a stop at a book store this weekend to pick up a copy for myself.

Why oh why am I worried about justifying a stop at a bookstore?

Well, the To Be Read pile is growing alarming high. I’ve gotten a bit behind on it…mainly because I’ve actually been trying to write, to blog more often, spend time with family and work has been exploding at an alarming rate. I’ve been taking major advantage of some big sales at a few local bookstores that are going out of business, so the pile has grown exponentially, and isn’t diminishing. There are piles of books around my bed and my couch, and there’s even one on the front seat of my car. I’ve had to renew my library items ’cause I’m not getting them read.

Anyone else have this “problem”? How do you explain to friends, significant others, and family members the need for another book when they know you’ve got plenty in the house to read?


One thought on “More Awesomesauce Please!

  1. I don’t really explain it any more. They’ve stopped questioning; they just know it’s something that’s part of me.

    I don’t buy books as much as I used to, simply because of finances and being disappointed too many times once I did buy the book. I try and get them from the library first and if I like the book enough to read it a second, third, hundredth time, then I’ll buy it. Or if it’s from an author I already love, I’ll buy it.

    Still my study is packed with books–mostly from the library–and often I forget about them and get fined for it 😛 (Current fine is approaching $5, LOL).

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