Thank a Veteran

Last night was the local bar association annual holiday dinner. While I was there, I learned that not only is today Veteran’s Day, but that yesterday was the Marine Corps’ birthday. At my table were two veterans, one who had served with the Marines and one who had served in the Navy. Hearing the two of them talk just reminded me of how much we have to be thankful for…especially something to consider with Thanksgiving coming up soon.

My father is also a veteran, who served in the Air Force before he and my mother married, and before I was born.

It’s easy, during our everyday lives in this free country of ours, to forget the price that the men and women in our Armed Services pay to keep this country free. When we post a blog entry, or write a novel, or go to church, or go to meetings, or just walk down the street whenever we feel like it, it’s easy to take for granted that we can do all of those things without worry about censorship or religious persecution or illegal assemblies or curfews or travel passes. It’s easy to forget that because we don’t have to apply for passes or permission from the government to do any of these things. We’re safe from other countries imposing these restrictions on us because our armed forces protect us from this threat. They protect our society so that we can take these things for granted.

So, today, while you’re going about your day, take the time to thank a veteran.

And remember those who paid the ultimate price for those intangible freedoms we count on every day.


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