Meeting Goals Early

Well…I posted some time ago that I had a “goal” (NOT a deadline, remember?) of being ready for submissions by March of 2011.

I gave myself way more time than I needed.

My critique group (or one of them, anyway) gives me a slot every month. We’ve got some page limits. Using the maximum limit, and the amount of stuff I had left to go, I guessed that I needed three more slots to get to the end of the novel.

And then people gave up their own slots, due to holidays and illness and family drama and other reasons, giving me slots to fill. (We do plan for this…to not let time go to waste if other people can jump in…which I could, this time.) Beta readers got me their notes earlier than expected. Edits began happening faster than I thought.

I’m not feeling rushed at all. It just means that I’m way ahead of my self-imposed goal of completion. And makes me feel even more productive than I thought I was.



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