On Recent News

Today, the local papers are reporting the news that my office is going to suffer a layoff. And that I’m the one getting laid off.


I’ve known for the last week or so that it was going to happen. I’ve suspected it for a while longer, because I’ve been watching budget news in the state and local governments like a hawk.

I switched jobs a little over two years ago to be closer to home. We’re a small, rural county, and our office is not a big one. The reality is that I’m the last hired criminal assistant prosecutor.

That said, I’m still at my job. The layoff will happen, probably sometime this summer. I’m not suddenly out on the street. My boss is giving me plenty of time to try to land somewhere. I have already applied for some jobs, and have been talking to people about other opportunities. (That doesn’t mean I’m not still looking…I’m still on the lookout for options, leads, ideas, and openings!)

Until I either a) move jobs or b) the layoff ends my employment, I am still working at my current job, and it’s business as usual.

The layoff is 100% budget driven. I’ve seen the numbers of how our office budget will be affected by coming cuts. Obviously, I’d prefer that it wasn’t me, but I understand the financial reality of the situation.

Am I unhappy, upset, etc? Well, of course. I like my job. I like the people I work with. Who wouldn’t be affected by such news? But I’m not completely taken by surprise. I’m already looking.

This is the big reason my blog has gone quiet over the last week or so; I have been looking at all of my options and talking to family. Writing kinda took a backseat to everything for the last week while I was dealing with this, but it probably won’t stay that way for long.

I’ll post more when I know more, but for right now, rest assured that I’m okay.


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