Taming the Jungle

I’ve been unable to mow the yard the last couple of weeks due to all the rain, and for some reason…I haven’t been home most evenings. I feel like I’m not getting anything done at home.

Thankfully, a lot of the crazy seems to be settling down, and the weather dried out enough for me to tackle the small forest of grass that had sprouted in the yard.

I’ve been working on new ideas for the new novel…and have been working on a few other short stories as well.

Tomorrow will be writing, more yard work if the rain holds out, laundry, and housework. The hope is that sooner or later I stop feeling like I’m behind on everything.

A quick heads up…Mystery Times Ten is now available on Kindle! I meant to post that news earlier, chalk that one up to mental cobwebs getting the way of the list of things-I-meant-to-do!