Spec The Halls

My friend, Steven Saus, has been working on this charity anthology. I wish I’d had something appropriate to submit for it, but I did not. It looks like it’s filled with all kinds of awesome. (And I see from the author list that a few friends have contributed…can’t wait to pick it up myself and see what they’ve all done!)

SPEC THE HALLS is an anthology of holiday themed speculative fiction (i.e., science fiction, fantasy, and horror), and on sale now. All of the authors (and, well, pretty much everyone involved) has donated time, effort, and stories for a good cause, Heifer International.  And that’s a cause that’s been near and dear to my heart for a long time.

The website for the anthology itself is HERE.

It’s $9.99. Which is cheaper than a movie ticket and popcorn, will likely last longer, and won’t get stuck in your teeth. It’s also cheaper than three gallons of gas, which you’ll use up long before you can get the whole anthology read! AND, it’s for a GREAT CAUSE!!

If you buy the ebook from the anthology website, you get it in PDF, ePub, and Kindle formats. And more money goes to charity than if you bought through another site like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or any other third party website (fees, you know). If you buy through a third party website (and it will be available there), you only get their single format (i.e., Kindle from Amazon, ePub from B&N), and less of the proceeds go to Heifer.

There’s another way to do this…email Steven Saus with proof of donations to Heifer International after November 1, 2011 in lieu of payment. Steven runs Alliteration Ink, the digital publishing company handling the anthology. You can reach him at steven AT alliterationink.com(replacing the AT with the @ thingy).

That reminds me. I need to go check out the Heifer website and see what cool new things they’re doing this year…so that I can also get a copy of this AWESOME anthology!


3 thoughts on “Spec The Halls

  1. I really wanted to participate in this by submitting a timely short story, but the organization seems to promote the intake of meat in addition to milk/eggs/vegetables. When considering sustainability of the globe, animals should not be raised and eaten for their meat. This practice actually destroys the land/environment. It’s too bad. I was going to support the program until I read that the organization condones meat consumption.
    Best always.


    • Actually, I don’t agree with your statement, but I think you have the right to your opinion. I’m all about giving people the tools they need to support themselves, as opposed to just giving a meal.

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