New Stuff and Free Stuff



I’m thrilled to tell everybody that TODAY you can see MYSTERY TIMES TEN 2011 for FREE!!

You need either a Kindle, or a free Kindle application, available from Amazon for your phone, tablet, or computer.

Here’s the link to the free book!

Go check it out! Not only is my short story in there, there are 9 others that are pretty darn cool!



I’m signed up with Kindlegraph…which means I can e-autograph MYSTERY TIMES TEN! I’m still working out the kinks on this one…which means the electronic signature is kinda sloppy, but my signature is kinda sloppy anyway. Interested?

You can go to to request a Kindlegraph from me…you need a Twitter account to do it. (and if you’re on Twitter…you can follow me, too….I’m @addiejking)

Heads up…

1)      Kindlegraph sends me an email letting me know about requests, which means, unless I’m staring at the computer, I might not see it right away. I check my email more than I probably should, so it probably won’t take long, but still, don’t expect it to happen immediately…I’ll do it as fast as I see it.

2)      I have no idea if there’s a cost for the Kindlegraph download. There might be a nominal cost…Kindlegraph is a separate site from Amazon, and therefore have different policies regarding their costs. It’s worth checking out before you clicky on the button!


I’ve got an Author Page at Amazon…you can find it HERE

AND….you can watch my Twitter feed and read my blog entries from the Author Page!

I’ll eventually add links on my blog to take you to all these fun places, but until then, you can always find me with the links above!


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