The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

And now for The Next Big Thing!

This blog hop includes ten questions to help you learn more about an author’s current work in progress, so here’s a little info about my current project:
1: What is the working title of your book?

THE ANDERSEN ANCESTRY…the sequel to my novel, THE GRIMM LEGACY, which came out in ebook last year from Musa Publishing.

2: What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Janie Grimm has survived being targeted for her ancestors (the Grimm Brothers) actions, only to have the faerie courts request her help in locating and protecting a relative of Hans Christian Andersen from the Seawitch, while trying to start a summer internship and keep a part time job.

3: Where did the idea come from for the book?

The better question is where the idea for both books came from…I’d watched a movie about the Grimm Brothers (the one with Heath Ledger) and thought about how I’d tell a different kind of story. As I’ve done more and more research on fairy tales and folklore, more and more ideas come to mind!

4: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

This isn’t easy at all! Janie and her friends are in their early twenties…and anyone who would be good for them now wouldn’t necessarily be young enough down the road! I do think that the voice of Bert the frog could easily be Alan Tudyk (Wash from Firefly…I’m a big fan), but Woody Harrelson could also be interesting. Janie could be Jennifer Lawrence, from the Hunger Games. Mia…well, that could be Amanda Seyfried, from Mamma Mia. Aiden, on the other hand, is the difficult pick. I don’t know that I have anyone in mind for him.

5: What genre does your book fall under?

Definitely fantasy; it could also be labeled as contemporary fantasy.

6: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

I’m still writing it! Have been working on it for the last year, but the pieces are quickly falling into place on it, and I should be done with all of it, and the editing (at least the stuff I do before I turn it in to the editor) in mid to late February.

7: Who or What inspired you to write this book?

I like the idea of what if. What if you were suddenly faced with something totally unbelievable at a time when you’re already stressed out over what’s going on in your life? The most stressful time I could think of was starting law school (I graduated from the same law school where THE GRIMM LEGACY was set). I remembered my parents reading me fairy tales when I was a kid, and actually going back and seeking them out to read them myself when I was old enough to read on my own. Smash the two ideas together, and I got started on the ideas in the first book. The one I’m working on now is the sequel.

8: What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

Yikes. I’ve described these books as The Paper Chase meets fairy tales, but that’s more about the first book than the second. The second book, the one I’m working on now, talks about the characters in their first summer internship. I’d like to think it’s a good mash up of the tone in Janet Evanovich’s books with the fun humorous fantasy in Christopher Moore’s books.

9: What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Oh, that’s easy! Englebert Maximus Jorganson Horace the Sixth. Also known as Bert, a former prince who was turned into a frog by a witch, and serves as Janie’s friend, advisor, and comic relief in both books. Bert’s soooooo much fun to write. Who ever thought that a frog prince would like NASCAR and imported beer, and have a snappy comeback for just about everything?

10. Where can we find you? How do we follow when your book is coming out?

My website is, of course, right here…and I’m on Facebook and Twitter, and I have an Amazon author page and a Goodreads author page.

You can find links to all those sites here.

There are a handful of authors I would love to introduce you to (or you may already know them!)

They will be next week’s blog hoppers starting on the 31st.

In no particular order, may I present:

Terry W. Ervin, II is a writer from my own neck of the woods, as he and I both live in Champaign County, Ohio. We met last year at an art event in Urbana, where local authors were promoting their work, and had a great time talking books and conferences and all kinds of stuff. Terry’s got some interesting projects available from Gryphonwood Press, and has published numerous articles and short stories. There’s a whole list of his stuff on his website, which is at, and he runs a blog connected to that website.

I hadn’t realized that Chris Garrison had already posted in this blog hop…and I’m excited to see that his projects have recently gotten picked up by Hydra Publications and Seventh Star Press…so I’m linking back to his post talking about the same kind of stuff here…follow his website at Christ and I got to serve on some panels together last year at Context in Columbus, Ohio, and we had a great time! I’m looking forward both to getting his stuff and to hopefully seeing him at conferences in the next year!

There’s also my friend, Dana Brantley-Sieders. We met at Killer Nashville last year, and got a chance to swap projects and hang out for a bit, and she’s represented by the fabulous Natalia Aponte at the Aponte Literary Agency. Dana’s a ton of fun to hang out with, and her writing’s a ton of fun, too! She’s got a romance novella coming out in 2013 from Lyrical Press, and she’s got some other fun stuff on the way…You can find her website at

I’ve said before that going to conferences and meeting and networking with other writers pays off…so here’s a shout out to Anne Marie Lutz at I met her at Context last year, and she’s the one who tagged me in this blog hop. Her stuff sounds pretty awesome as well, so stop by and check her out!




News and Stuff and Things

Okay…the business of holiday is over. Wedding plans are starting to fall into place (that implies that those things are easy, which it isn’t, but things are getting checked off of various lists). Progress is being made on many fronts including preparing and scheduling appearances, conferences, and other scheduling items for the next year. Progress is being made on the current novel.

All of that is why I’ve had a hard time getting stuff posted on this blog. However, there’s stuff coming up that I wanted to be sure that people are aware of.

First of all, the TRIUMPH OVER TRAGEDY anthology is coming out TOMORROW, January 8, 2013. My short story, “Welcome to New York” is one of many donated stories from many different and very talented authors. It’s available in ebook starting tomorrow on Amazon and will also be up on other platforms probably within a week or so. I’ll post links as soon as I have them.

Also, I’m making some arrangements to have print copies of some of my projects to have available at some of my upcoming appearances and conferences for sale. Those will not be available over the website, due to contractual obligations, but I will be posting my schedule when I have things firmed up a bit more. More on this later.

I also should tell you that THE ANDERSEN ANCESTRY, my current project, is tentatively scheduled for release on May 31, 2013 from Musa Publishing. This could still change, but this is the current date on the calendar.

I do have other projects and things in progress and pending, but those are all on hold due to upcoming contracted deadlines.

Hope everyone had a safe a happy holiday season.

Happy Anniversary to Grimm’s Fairy Tales!

Today is the 200th anniversary of Grimm’s Fairy Tales! WOOHOOO!!!!

What do I mean?

Well, the first volume of the Grimm brothers’ folk tale collections was published December 20, 1812. So, really we are talking about 200 years since the very first introduction of their stories.

Celebrate by taking a glance at THE GRIMM LEGACY. Links to different storefronts are in the Bibliography section of my website.

I will be celebrating myself by wrapping presents for Christmas, maybe having a glass of wine with BF, and working on the sequel, THE ANDERSEN ANCESTRY.

Have a great day!

Updatery and Stuff and Things

Life is awfully crazy around here, between writing like a fiend (or at least trying to), work on the house before winter and hosting a family get-together on Halloween for Beggar’s Night, The Boy in a soccer tournament, working a full time job, and planning our wedding.

We’re in good shape so far on wedding planning, at least in getting things on the calendar and booked. A big thanks to Mom and Sister who made a lot of phone calls for me when I couldn’t because I was at work during the day. More details to come as we firm things up.

There’s a new article by me, that went up last week. Sorry for the late notice, but it’s information that is good for anyone planning to write a novel, especially during the craziness that is National Novel Writing Month. Here’s the link…

Sorry for the delay…life is a bit crazy at the moment!

Also need to tell everyone that EIGHTH DAY GENESIS: A WORLDBUILDING CODEX FOR WRITERS AND CREATIVES is being sold at a 10% discount from now through November by Alliteration Ink. If you’re planning a novel, or writing a short story, this book has a lot of awesome ideas and suggestions from all kinds of authors, including an essay on legal systems in science fiction and fantasy by ME! Check it out here… and click on Buy It Now…and enter the discount code writenovember to get your discount.

My weekend at Context…

I’m at Context this weekend in Columbus, and can’t wait to say hi to all the new and old friends and writer buddies and all of that. If you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area this weekend and headed to the conference, come say hi.

Here’s the con website…

I’ll be on five different panels this weekend, and am moderating two of them (I’ve marked with a * which ones I’m moderating).

Friday 9 p.m.   Curse Words & Other Ways To Tell It Isn’t a Children’s Fantasy

Saturday 1 p.m. The Next Step: What Happens AFTER Breaking Into Print

Saturday 8 p.m. “Once Upon a Time”: The Modern Fairy Tale*

Sunday 11 a.m. The State of Publishing Today*

Sunday 1 p.m. The Many Faces of Criminal Investigation

This is a great conference, with tons of good information available, lots of writers willing to help out in lots of different ways, and lots of writing professionals there to give advice and all kinds of great networking.




As of last week, I signed a contract with Musa Publishing for the sequel to THE GRIMM LEGACY…current working title, THE ANDERSEN ANCESTRY!!

It’s my understanding that as long as everything abides by schedule (including, but not limited to me finishing the manuscript on time) we are looking at a release date sometime in Spring 2013.

I’m also in the midst of two other novel projects and a couple of short stories…most of which are taking a backseat to hitting my deadline on the sequel.

So…just an update…the writerly part of my life is screaminingly busy this summer. I’m having an interesting time pulling it all together, what with all the changes that have been happening in the personal life as well. And no, I’m not commenting on any of that here…but many of you know just how crazy this summer has been!

Blog Giveaway!!

Haven’t read THE GRIMM LEGACY yet? Interested in winning a free ebook copy?

(Or you’ve read it and want a free copy to pass on to a friend?)

Here’s what you need to do in an email…

1) List your name. I’d like to put the name of the winner on my website. Do you really want to be known as I’ll keep your email address off the website as long as you give me your real name.

2) What’s your favorite fairy tale? It can be anything…from Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault…or from any other multicultural folk tale that tweaks your fancy.

3) Is there a reason why you like that fairy tale? And it’s okay just to say…because I like it. If that’s the reason. Because that’s true of television shows, movies, books, etc…you might not be able to put your finger on it. If you know why, don’t cheat…let me know!

4) What format do you need? (Kindle, Nook, Mobi, PDF, etc…)

5) send that email to me at addiejking AT a before midnight July 31, 2012. Notice I took out the @ thingy. I’m trying to avoid spammers.

I’ll print off the emails, fold the sheets, toss in a bucket, and have my Resident Contest Winner Picker draw the winner…and post it on the website on August 1.

Questions? Post them in a comment.

(Don’t have an ereader? It’s available in PDF format…which you can read right on your computer. Don’t let the lack of an ereader stop you from entering!)


If you already bought a copy of THE GRIMM LEGACY (first, let me say…THANK YOU!!), and want to try to win a copy to give a friend as a gift…that’s okay.

If you already bought a copy of THE GRIMM LEGACY and would rather win a sneak peek at book 2…which I’m currently writing…THAT’S COOL TOO!

I’ll email the winner to make sure when I draw…