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Okay…the business of holiday is over. Wedding plans are starting to fall into place (that implies that those things are easy, which it isn’t, but things are getting checked off of various lists). Progress is being made on many fronts including preparing and scheduling appearances, conferences, and other scheduling items for the next year. Progress is being made on the current novel.

All of that is why I’ve had a hard time getting stuff posted on this blog. However, there’s stuff coming up that I wanted to be sure that people are aware of.

First of all, the TRIUMPH OVER TRAGEDY anthology is coming out TOMORROW, January 8, 2013. My short story, “Welcome to New York” is one of many donated stories from many different and very talented authors. It’s available in ebook starting tomorrow on Amazon and will also be up on other platforms probably within a week or so. I’ll post links as soon as I have them.

Also, I’m making some arrangements to have print copies of some of my projects to have available at some of my upcoming appearances and conferences for sale. Those will not be available over the website, due to contractual obligations, but I will be posting my schedule when I have things firmed up a bit more. More on this later.

I also should tell you that THE ANDERSEN ANCESTRY, my current project, is tentatively scheduled for release on May 31, 2013 from Musa Publishing. This could still change, but this is the current date on the calendar.

I do have other projects and things in progress and pending, but those are all on hold due to upcoming contracted deadlines.

Hope everyone had a safe a happy holiday season.


3 thoughts on “News and Stuff and Things

  1. Congratulations on all projects progressing forward. I especially want to congratulate you on the wedding process. I know from experience (planning the weddings for my two daughters) how time consuming that can be. Keep us posted on your conferences. I’d love to attend them. Diana

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