Thank Goodness It’s Friday!

My string of strange and weird things for the week continues…

I have an interesting fight with multiple pairs of pantyhose. I’ve thrown away five pairs this week.

My sinuses still aren’t recovered from the mysterious allergy/conference yuck. It’s been four weeks and I’m still wondering when someone will see me walk through the door and think “Attack of the Phlegm Creature” as opposed to “Oh, it’s Addie.” I should buy stock in Kleenex.

My flowerbeds are in serious need of help. The fishpond in my backyard is a nightmare. And I haven’t been able to get to it becuase of all the rain we’ve had this week.

I drove all the way to Dayton last night for my critique group meeting only to realize that I’d left my critiques and notes on my desk at work.

I got to work this morning thinking I’d write a check to our admin assistant for the lunch she’d covered for me the other day since I rarely carry cash. I was out of checks in my checkbook.

I promised someone that we’d grill steaks tonight on my new grill. Guess what didn’t make it out of the freezer to defrost during the day?

I’m ready for this week to be over. Anyone else out there feel the same way?


One thought on “Thank Goodness It’s Friday!

  1. Oh Addie…Just want the whole MONTH to be over…everything you said is so me, but I could add another 20 paragraphs! UGH…

    Keep smilin’!!!!

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