Travel Plans

I’ve talked before about picking conferences and staying within one’s budget.

I’m following my own advice this year; I am staying closer to home than I normally do.

In that end, I will not be attending any conferences outside of Ohio this year. As much as I’d love to return to some of the conferences I’ve been to in the past, it’s just smarter this year to stay closer to home.

I’m hoping that means that I can do more since I’m spending less.

I’m still putting together some of my plans; I might even be able to stay at my own house and commute…which is a big budget saver.

I’ll say it here…no, that doesn’t mean that I’m having money problems. It means that I have a house that needs a few updates and a bit of a facelift. I need new carpet. I need new flooring in the bathrooms. I need to fix my dishwasher. There’s a whole list of things that I need to replace. These things mean prioritizing. I’m hoping that getting a head start on house expenses means the ability to travel more next year.

As I finalize plans, I’ll post my conference ideas.

Where are you planning to go this year?


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